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Aha! Interpreting offers training for medical interpreters, here in Arkansas or anywhere you need them. Stay on top of these and other courses, and take advantage of all we have to offer.

Fundamentals of Interpreting Field

This is a highly interactive 40-hour course lead by CEO Iliana Sutton. Interpreters are challenged by role playing Modes of Interpreting and demonstrating understanding of the International Medical Interpreter Association Standards and Ethics. Interpreters will gain the confidence, knowledge and understanding on how to maintain compliance during encounters. Course follows the National Board of Certification for Medical Interpreters Training Handbook.   Course is followed by a terminology course taught by PHD, RN and Certified Medical Interpreter Lolly Tindol.


The course intends to prepare and inform students who are considering medical interpreting as a career and is the very first and basic step to pursue. The skills learned will also give students who plan to work in the healthcare professions the tools to better serve LEP patients and their families.


At the end of the course, participants will be able to:

• Identify barriers to understanding that can occur between English-speaking               clinical providers and LEP patients and approaches to overcome those barriers.

• Demonstrate Cultural Responsiveness

• Identify the specific roles of the interpreter and the appropriate use of each role

• Demonstrate a general understanding of organizational policies, procedures, and       protocols related to the expectations of medical interpreters.

• Demonstrate an understanding of the Interpreter Code of Ethics, the Standards of     Practice of the International Medical Interpreters Association and the various           legislative guidelines for interpretation.


Upon completion of a final exam with passing grade, participants will receive a certificate of training that is a prerequisite for taking one of the national certification exams for medical interpreters.

Basic Medical Terminology

Once you have completed your initial 40 hours training, Aha! offers a course in which you will learn medical terms that are used during a basic medical encounter.

Understanding medical terminology is important, because speaking the medical language used in the day-to-day healthcare environment is preeminent in ensuring effective communication during a medical encounter.

Course is offered in Spanish, English and Marshallese. Hosted on Saturday and weekdays (if needed) or online. Cost is $389.00 with payment plans available. Cost includes a light breakfast and all materials needed (when delivered in-person). This Course is required by the National Board of Certification for Medical Interpreters, International Medical Interpreters Association and Joint Commission.

This training is for new interpreters (beginner level) and for interpreters who need a little more guidance. Medical, educational and social services interpreters will benefit from taking this course.

Specialties Medical Terminology

Are you in the Medical Field already working as an Interpreter and would like to expand your Medical Terminology? This course provides an overview of the terminology used in the practice of medical interpreting in different medicine specialties and thematic areas such as human body systems, medical procedures, medical equipment and medical conditions. It will prepare medical interpreters with the foundation of knowledge needed to communicate effectively between providers and LEP patients. 

Course is offered in Spanish, English and Marshallese and can be offered in-person or online. The cost of the course is $489.00 with payments plans available. Cost includes a light breakfast and all materials needed (when delivered in-person).  Course is a total of 40 hours offered on Saturdays. This course will teach you Specialty Medical terms that are used daily, which will prepare you for the National Certification test. You will receive a Certificate of Completion for this course. Course is required by the National Board of Certification for Medical Interpreter, International Medical Interpreters Association and Joint Commission.

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